Wisdomnet Holds its Second "New York Conferences" program

Murat Guzel was invited to speak this past Friday at Wisdomnet's 'New York Conferences' event, a series of monthly conference programs held at the Roger Smith Hotel in midtown Manhattan.  Executive Director of Wisdomnet and owner of Rocca Cafe, Kemal Birtek, organized and moderated the meeting with the help of other Wisdomnet volunteers.  The speaker Murat Guzel is the the current Chairman of Wisdomnet and MUSIAD USA, as well as a delegate to the 2012 National Democratic Convention and businessman.

During the program, Murat Guzel discussed how the American political landscape differed the Turkish political scene, while stressing how important it was for Turkish-Americans to become politically active at both the local and state level.  He stated that political involvement is a responsibility of everyone within the community, whether the participant was a businessman, politician, academician or student. 

He briefly mentioned his own, personal trajectory from a normal businessman to a well-known delegate of the national Democratic Party.  Murat Guzel also noted how his engagement with democratic party leaders such as Congressman Keith Ellison enabled him to become a better voice for Turkish-American interests.  The speech was concluded by a brief Q&A session and followed by light refreshments. 

Among the participants were Former President of the Federation of Turkish American Associations (FTAA), Ali Cinar; retail food businessman Levent Ali Yildiz and Ibrahim Yildiz; professional children's book illustrator and award-winning cartoonist, Necdet Yilmaz; Turkish Airlines Manager and 'Hersey Turkiye Icin' Platform's General Coordinator, Halil Ibrahim danismaz; and Turkish Airlines Manager, Mehmet Karatas.