Wisdomnet was initially formed as an email list in the early 90's by a small group of Turkish students studying in the U.S. The goal of the email list was to facilitate communication and networking among the group members whose main motivation was to understand, cherish, and preserve their common spiritual and cultural values.


In the past the group members organized annual meetings where well-known guest scholars from Turkey and the US were invited to address the social, cultural and religious issues pertaining to the needs and interests of the group members. Today, the initiative that started as a small email list has grown to become a non-profit organization with a large membership body consisting of students and professionals residing predominantly in the U.S. and Turkey.


The group finalized its longstanding activities towards institutionalization by developing its bylaws, and by forming its governing bodies, namely the board of trustees and the executive committee. The group has been registered as a professional nonprofit organization in Florida, U.S.


The organization started organizing cultural exchange programs between the US and Turkey and has been organizing these programs annually since.


The governing bodies of the organization hopes to re-energize the group in an effort to build a strong and active Turkish community in the US with strong ties to their peers in Turkey. As such, the governing bodies of the Wisdomnet seek to facilitate the cultural exchange between the Turkish community and other communities in the US.